The summer camps are an inseperable part Ąžuoliukas’ life. They started soon after the establishment of the choir: the first camp took place in Grigiškės in 1960. Since 1961, the summer capital of the members of Ąžuoliukas was Šventoji – a town, in which the camps have been organised for almost four decades. Now, every summer the members of Ąžuoliukas are camping by the lakes of Molėtai district.

During the camps, the music activities – rehearsals and concerts – are being organically combined with the choirists’ recreation. Festivals, theme nights and sports competitions are being organised every day. For the education of the boys and teenagers the “self-government” introduced in the camps is very important: the junior singers are being led by the senior members of Ąžuoliukas, who in their turn are being led by the teachers.

Ąžuoliukas’ teachers reasonably repeating: the children who went to a camp gather to the first rehearsal in September as a team united by emotions and experiences gained together, whereas those singers who did not go to the camp have to be “implanted” into the group again.