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Boys who have reached the age of five can join the Ąžuoliukas choir. It would be possible to calculate how many years on average several thousands of present and past members of Ąžuoliukas have spent in the choir, but perhaps it is enough to mention that today the difference between the ages of the youngest and the eldest choirists is 45 years.

Ąžuoliukas has several choirs for the singers of different age groups enrolling over 400 boys and men. After several years of preparatory training the boys go to the so-called “main” choir and later, after the voice mutation, they become “the pension” – the members of the men’s choir.

Every year Ąžuoliukas prepares several different musical repertoires and makes concerts in Lithuania and abroad. During 45 years, the members of the choir have visited dozens of foreign countries – from Japan to the United States and from Italy to Finland. Ąžuoliukas has won awards in many international choral competitions and has been invited to prestigious music events in Lithuania and across Europe.

„First of all, I treat Ąžuoliukas as a musical-pedagogical group and only then as a performing choir. Surely, it is great when you are able to perform a complicated composition. But it is only the top of an iceberg. All work is under the water. If you give a lot to a child, you will get a lot in return. You have to be able to extract from a child for his sake, because this educates him not only from a musical perspective, but also provides the skills of life.'

Prof. Vytautas Miškinis, Artistic Director of the Ąžuoliukas Choir