Established in 1959, today Ąžuoliukas (the lithuanian for a small oak tree) is undoubtedly one of the best known names in Lithuania’s world of music. It is a unique combination of several choirs – from children to men – and musical schools, as well as an advantegeous environment that produced several dozens of famous musicians of the country.

However, Ąžuoliukas provides the boys with much more than only the basics of music. Maybe that is why most of the members of this choir, without any doubt, will call Ąžuoliukas their school of life. The space that fully matures a child for a self-dependent life.

Still, the basis of Ąžuoliukas’ existence is singing and music. Today Ąžuoliukas boasts 8 choirs with several hundreds of children, teenagers and men. Now it comes as no surprise when a father and a son go together to rehearsals and sing together on the stage. As representatives of different generations united by an unspeakable common state. They both are members of Ąžuoliukas. And they both will find it difficult for strangers to explain what is lying behind this word.

Because to be a member of Ąžuoliukas is much more than only rehearsals and concerts, lessons and examinations of solfeggio, instrument and music literature. Long ago has Ąžuoliukas crossed the traditional boundaries of music education by becoming a peculiar forge of personalities leaving a mark to everyone who has had an opportunity to join the choir for some time.

During 45 years there has been a great many music events. The choir is well known far outside the borders of Lithuania. Thousands of concerts, hundreds of concert halls and dozens of world countries. Thousands of various compositions performed with famous Lithuanian and foreign conductors. Ąžuoliukas has taken part in the music events of almost all possible genres. Composers have dedicated their works to the choir.

Today, Ąžuoliukas has grown into a powerful tree that has sheltered thousands of boys during the years of its existence. This website is an attempt to make a short stop and take a brief look at the history, presence and future of Ąžuoliukas.